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Occasionally a bigger story grabs my attention and short fiction doesn't allow me the room to develop, or in the case of the following excerpt, scamper with an idea.

Accidental Crimes and Misadventures

Brief sysnopsis:

Imagine the madcap heroine of a Janet Evanovich novel meets the magical realism of Alice Hoffman in the Nevada desert—with a dead body in the trunk. If you ever wanted to finally and forever get rid of the man who has obsessed you for a week, a month, or forever, then Maggie’s story will vicariously satisfy that desire.

Maggie gets assistance from a motley assortment of characters including her friends Francesca the sexologist, Sierra the psychic, and the unruly ghost of an evangelical ancestor seeking redemption through his inept assistance. When the One-Legged Larrys, a pair of bumbling robbers, steal her Honda containing the secret cargo, the adventure really takes off.

The roadtrip could allow her to finally and irrevocably dump her obsessive relationship and free her to start over, or she might just end up incarcerated, or even worse, in the trunk with her unfortunate lover.

Read an excerpt from Chapter 1:

Maggie knew she had no business driving in her condition. She had such an amazingly low tolerance for alcohol that consumption of one glass of merlot lowered her IQ, played havoc with her libido, and generally resulted in calamity equivalent to a roadrunner cartoon. Only a desperate situation could get her behind a wheel in her current state of inebriation.

This qualified. Tonight she had a heck of a lot more to deal with than dreadful driving along an empty desert back road. Like where the hell she was going to find an espresso and some panties in the middle of the night?

And what to do about the dead lover in her trunk. (read more?)